About Us



 We do have Cranes available to hire range from 25T All Terrain Telescopic Mobile cranes to 350T   All Terrain Telescopic Mobile cranes. Indeed we are the company who can able to provide all types of machinery hiring along with construction and engineering services.

Our equipment has been successfully used in many sectors like Infrastructure Construction, Power Projects, Ports & Shipyards, Dams, Metro Rail, Roads, Mining, Steel Industry, Engineering Industry, Railways, Cement, Petroleum, Defense, Chemicals & Fertilizer Plants, Warehousing, Logistics, Building Construction etc., to name a few. 

We understand that optimum productivity coupled with maximum operating reliability is the clear requirement of our customer; hence we take countless efforts to ensure these requirements are met with our continuous innovation and quality. Our aim is to provide maximum customer benefit. 



We at HITECH  Construction are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of the people and empowering them with a sense of belonging & satisfaction by designing & building their dream home to their budget Our track record of construction services include designing building renovation and restoration to the 100% satisfaction of our customers.

 Over the last several years, HI TECH has evolved as a prominent engineering and construction services company. On the backdrop of dynamic competitive landscape, HI TECH has weaved in agility and innovation into the culture of the organization. Recent upsurge in customer expectations is bound to unlock exciting opportunities of lifting our own standards. 



To serve Industries,and Public  with environmental friendly pipes, valves, and related hardware, manufactured with latest technology, with ensuring optimum customer satisfaction . And for the benefit of the public in general and  employers in particular.

Having over 15-years experience within the construction and plant hire industry, we feel it is our duty to ensure our customers are provided with the best solution to ensure they are working in a safe and practical environment. We fully understand the requirements of each client from start to finish. As a result, we are able to offer sound advice and are always on hand to provide you with excellent customer service and aftercare to go with our extensive range of products. 



One of the most important requirements of a human being is a shelter of his own. To have a peaceful and  better weekends you need the best farm house surrounded with farms, water pools and healthy fruits ,plants. And we can provide you the best  weekend farm house you dream for.  

Agriculture may seem an area of life that is far from technology and modern, fast-paced world. When we think of life on a farm, we see it as calm and measured, with days spent outdoors and evenings enjoyed by the fireplace. This is an ideal vision, almost a picture from the past in the era of globalization. Modern agriculture is science- and technology-consuming and aims at high productivity, often at expense of our health.